How to get an Iranian tourist visa?

Fill in the online visa application form

Pay 7SDTravel's visa fee

Receive your authorization code within 7 business days

Collect your visa at an Iranian embassy/airport upon your arrival in Iran

Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries do not need a visa for Iran?

Citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, China, Egypt, Georgia, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Syria, Turkey, and Venezuela can enter Iran without a visa.

In most cases, visa authorization codes are issued within 7 business days of receiving a compliant application.

No Iran tourist visa is single-entry. You might need to apply for other types of visas.

According to our records, in general, only less than 5% of applicants may get rejected. Chances of getting a visa for European (except for the UK), Australian, and New Zealand citizens are as high as 97%. Chances of getting a visa for the US and UK citizens are a bit less at about 90%. There are also certain occupations that are exposed to a higher risk of rejection such as journalism and the ones related to politics. Read more about Why do Iran visa applications get rejected on our blog.

If there’s no Iran embassy/consulate in your country, you can most probably collect your visa at an airport in Iran. But, remember citizens of some countries cannot collect their visa at the airports. In that case, you can choose a nearby country where an Iran embassy/consulate exists.

No fingerprint is needed before/after getting an authorization code. A visa applicant might never need to go to an embassy if the location of the visa collection is supposed to be at the airport, upon arrival.

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